Pioneering a World Free from Complement Disease

Our Mission

Advancing transformative therapies for patients with complement-mediated diseases

Advancing transformative therapies for patients with complement-mediated diseases

Named after a patient with complement 3 glomerulopathy (C3G), Kira Pharmaceuticals is driven by the opportunity for impact with the mission to advance transformative therapies for patients around the world with complement-mediated diseases.
Kira Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering a world free from complement disease. Enabled by its LOGIC platform, the company has developed a robust pipeline of nine (9) novel complement assets since its inception in 2017, focused on validated targets across the complement cascade. With an experienced team of complement biology experts, drug developers, protein engineers and leaders from across the pharma and biotech industry, Kira Pharmaceuticals is uniquely positioned to tackle some of the most complex and toughest challenges in the complement space and to deliver first-in-class and best-in-class therapies to transform the lives of patients.
The Challenge

Complexities of Complement

The complement systems regulates important immune functions, but its complex biology has historically posed a challenge for drug development.

The complement system is complex and implicated in a large number of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions across hematology, nephrology, neurology, dermatology, ophthalmology and many other disease areas.  However, given the complex biology and abundance of proteins involved in the complement system, it has historically been challenging to develop effective and convenient therapies to modulate the complement system.

our solution

World Renowned Expertise and LOGIC-based Approach

Deep complement knowledge combined with precise drug design and associated validation tools optimize assets for clinical success

Founded and advised by world renowned complement biology experts and in collaboration with or op-tier research institutions both in the US and Europe through ongoing sponsored research agreements, Kira Pharmaceuticals is leveraging its proprietary LOGIC platform (Lead identification, Optimization and Attribute Generation, In-vivo Confirmation) to overcome key challenges of developing complement therapeutics and increasing their probability of success in the clinic.  We are moving from complexity to clarity to improve the lives of patients.

"Anti-complement drugs have great potential in treating a variety of human immunological disorders, and Kira’s approach of bringing together deep complement expertise with seasoned and experienced drug developers and protein engineers is a powerful combination to develop next-generation therapeutics that could transform the lives of patients with complement-mediated disease."
Wenru Song, MD, PhD
President & Head of R&D, Co-founder

Our Pipeline

Kira Pharmaceuticals is pioneering the field, developing a broad pipeline of compelling therapies designed to achieve better, longer acting and targeted immune modulation across a range of complement diseases. With our lead asset entering Phase 2 and nine assets in the pipeline, we are advancing the next generation of complement therapies. These assets are investigational agents and have not yet been approved by any Health Authority, such as the FDA.


About Our Team

Kira’s experienced team includes established drug developers and protein engineers, world-renowned experts in complement biology and leaders from across the pharma and biotech industry. The team is augmented by well-respected academic collaborators at major US and European research institutions alongside an outstanding Scientific Advisory Board with international reputations in complement biology and immunology.

Kira - Where established drug developers and world renown experts in complement biology come together to pioneer a world free from complement disease

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